Tracking Roots Ukks-Brawura

Geboren 24 Mei 2023

Father: Ravi Abigayle Saasen

Mother:  BRAWURA z Krainy Przodków

SCHWPR 400m/3t 1pr. (trackingtest)

DNA profiel

Ukks is a female from the last litter of Brawura, we love to keep her in our kennel.

Her father is Ravi Abigayle Saasen which is a son of our Mauser.

What we see now she is a very clever girl with a calm and strong character like her mother.

Of course she also has a lot from father and grandfather, especially the beautiful dark eyes with perfectly

fitted eyelids and the beautiful deep red colour in her fur.

We hope she will find her place in our kennel.

We ofcourse are going to train her for tracking and will show her in the future.

bavarianmountainhound bavarianmountaindog scenthound trackingdog

Bavarianmountainhound posokowiec bawarski bmh

Beierse bergzweethond BGS bgs-mauser

Breeder bavarianmountainhound kennel fci

Bavarianmountainhound bayrischergebirgsschweißhund gebirgsschweisshund breeder kennel

Bavarianmountainhound posokowiecbawarski baijerinvuoristovihikoira

Bavarian mountainhound


Bavarian mountaindog

Bavarian mountainscenthound