Tracking Roots

Bavarian Mountainhound

Welcome to our website, here you can find more information about the breed and of course about our


We have a Bavarian Mountainhound kennel called Tracking Roots and we live in Denmark,

the kennel is registered with the Dansk Kennelclub and the FCI.

We moved from the Netherlands in 2022.

Our dogs have an FCI recognized Pedigree, puppies born in our kennel will also have an FCI Pedigree.

The dogs in our kennel are all used in hunting for tracking. We also show them at dogshows at our

homecountry and abroad. 

We believe that a hunting dog not only needs to be good in its hunting discipline but also must be built

good to perform well.

The breed specifics have been bred for a reason and we believe they should be preserved.

We take HD photos of our dogs, to make sure that there is no breeding with dogs that have bad hips, we

think this is a requirement.

At the moment puppies are regularly offered without pedigree - FCI papers.

We would like to point out to future owners that when you buy a puppy without a pedigree it is difficult to to

find out about the history.  It is also not possible to participate in trials or shows.

Our advice is to be well informed before you buy a puppy, what is the character of the parent animals, are

they healthy are they worked with. Are there hereditary diseases in the bloodlines and what are the HD

results of the previous generations.

In short; be well informed.

For more information you can of course  CONTACT  us.